Da Almost Halloween Haps

I’m making great progress in the game F.E.A.R. – still lots of fun. For fans of FPS games, especially those with horror elements like Half-Life I would strongly recommend this game. It is lots of fun with lots of scary parts. I have read the single player game is about 10 hours, so, I must be getting near the end. Will keep you posted if I remember.

I have made it to about 30th position (ranking) in SSX On Tour and I am probably pretty much done — I am to the point where I can no longer really compete (i.e., come in first place) in the races or the trick events. This is unfortunate, but, (as I think I said before) I remember had the same problem with SSX3 (although with lots of persistence I did win all of SSX Tricky of I remember right). Maye if I had a better board or spent a lot more hours (which I may do) I could improve, but, sadly I may have hit a wall. At least in the racing, I think the problem is the computer knows some shortcuts I haven’t found yet, so, playing some more may show me the shortcuts I am missing.

I have started playing Tony Hawk American Wasteland (THAW) and am enjoying it (about 2 hours in, maybe?). I played THPS 1 – 4 (?) but didn’t play the Underground games because I didn’t really like the direction they were going — I think THAW is a better direction and am finding it to be a lot of fun (especially re-teaching my fingers how to play Tony Hawk games again, and learning the new movies I never master before such as the “manual”). It is also fun to play the “Classic” maps again with the new graphics and controls. If you are an older school Tony Hawk fan this game is definitely worth picking up. I am interested in seeing how it improves even more on the Xbox 360.

Speaking of the Xbox 360, I have been looking for one of the Xbox 360 demo consoles. I looked in NYC at Gamestop and EB Games near Penn Station, but, they didn’t have one running. Today I looked at the Circuit City near my apartment in NJ and found one. I played a bit of Kameo and Call of Duty 2. Both games look very nice and the controller seems very solid. I was sad to see there were only two playable demos, but, in about 3 weeks it should be amply available 😉 I still haven’t decided if I will buy a system at release, wait for Christmas, or something longer. Sadly, my new job doesn’t give me the week between Christmas and New Years off like my old job did (which was always great for gaming), but… Anyway, I am sure I will have a decision made by Nov 22.

We’re rewatching Alien and Aliens for Halloween, always fun. We didn’t see any new movies this weekend. We’re really getting behind and hope to catch up soon, but, will probably start West Wing Season 3 soon, so, that may mess up our movie watching as well. Oh well, it’s all good.

My pursuit of a healthier attitude toward food continues to go well. I have now lost darn near 30 pounds since since about mid-summer and am eating foods I would never have imagined (mom would be so impressed). I really need to start exercising more, but, one thing at a time (I suppose). I hope to loose about another 15 pounds by new years.

Until next time…

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