Back Up, Zoom, Scanner

Well, my desktop system is back up and running. I had reinstalled the OS on my machine and it would boot up but right after the login it would spontaneously reboot… I couldn’t do ANYTHING. So, I vacuumed out the fans, reseated the memory and the cards, etc. and tried again… and… it booted right up. Something must have been mis-seated or overheating. Things seem to be better. I have been slowing installing and then Ghost’ing periodically with hopes of keeping a stable system (or reverting back to a stable system). We’ll see.

I forgot to mention that last weekend I attended a Mazda Zoom-Zoom event where I got to drive the RX-8 and the Miata on some “courses”. It was fun, but, the lines were way too long, so, I didn’t get to drive as much as I would have liked. They really could have organized better. We recently bought a Hyundai Santa Fe (almost a year ago, I guess) and I stick to that I am glad that is what I got. Having the space to move stuff is very nice, good visibility, etc. When we moved here the Santa Fe was invaluable. The RX-8 and Miata are both neat vehicles, but, you are hard pressed to carry a full set of golf clubs much less enough luggage for a weekend trip.

The Epson 1670 scanner arrived today. I got it hooked up (was a snap) and it seems to work great. It is fast and image quality seems really nice. Probably more impressions on it in the infuture. Not bad for a $50 scanner (with free shipping and no tax).

We are talking about going into the city this weekend, maybe to the Met museum, maybe some other stuff. We’ll see!

I haven’t reinstalled the spell checker so… if there are spelling mistakes in this one they will have to wait. Grammer, word choice, and intelligence checker seems to be completely missing for now — cannot find the installers 🙂

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