Parade, Derailed, Still no 360’s

We went to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in the city. It was lots of fun and took lots of pictures. I will be posting the pictures on my Flickr account soon. It was fun to see the parade live after seeing the parade on TV when I was a kid.

We saw Derailed. It was fun, but, if have you have seen lots of movies you probably won’t be overly surprised.

I am continuing to like my Creative Zen Sleek. I have been learning how to use it better, solving most of the problems I was having. The Creative forums are a great source of support – helping me figure out how to best use the unit.

Finally, Microsoft has stated it plans to sell 3 million Xbox 360’s by the end of 2005. It humors me they state this and they are planning to roll out the Xbox 360 in other countries within the next couple weeks when they cannot roll out systems in a single country. I talked to several local chain stores who have not received any additional units since they received a few units on the day of the release. I don’t see how they can sell 3 million units unless they actually start shipping. Oh well. It should be interesting to see if this changes by Christmas or of it magically gets fixed after Christmas.

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