Firefox 1.5, Yay!

Firefox 1.5 has been released (well, last night). If you aren’t running Firefox, you should be. Feel properly ashamed and go download and install it now. If you are running Firefox, some of your extensions or themes will need to be updated, but, most popular extensions and themes are probably updated by now.

So, what themes and extensions do I use, you ask?

  • Noia (eXtreme) theme — is there anything nicer?
  • extension – makes tagging pages fast and easy
  • Forecast fox – weather forecasts in the corner of your browser
  • Flashgot – Download lots of stuff from a page, or just one link (using your favorite download manager)
  • Gmail Delete Button – Adds a “delete” button to Gmail
  • Web Developer – If you are a web developer you need this one
  • Aardvark – slice up web pages for printing, etc.
  • Download Manager Tweak – Make the download dialog look nicer
  • Customize Google – do lots of cool things to customize and Gmail
  • Google Toolbar for Firefox – Provides a nice spell checker for web forms and other nice Google search options

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