Valentines, just later…

We decided to avoid the mess and crowds of doing Valentines on Valentines day. Instead, we celebrated on February 20th. To celebrate we went into the city and spent the day going to the New York American Museum of Natural History (AMNH), had dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, Mediterraneo, and went to see the movie Syriana.

If you you like natural history museums but haven’t been to the AMNH, you owe it to yourself to visit. Like the Met, it is absolutely huge. You can easily spend several days there. We spent a good part of the afternoon there and only saw a few of the exhibits. There is also a planetarium and IMAX there. Very nice museum.
Syriana was a good movie with several interesting plots, but, I expected them to come together more than they did. It didn’t feel like it fit together as well as it should have. But, that said, it was interesting.

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