We travailed JetBlue for the first time on our trip between Newark, NJ and Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. We have classically enjoyed Southwest because of their superior service, but, JetBlue was relatively efficient and friendly, the seats were very comfortable with plenty of leg-room, and, as a big bonus, they offer about 35 or 40 channels of DirectTV for free in the headrest of each chair. Having the television is really nice… it starts before takeoff and continues almost to the point where you can get off the plane. My only complaints where (1) anytime they wanted to talk to you (mostly meaningless drivel) they sound cuts out (2) the remote is to simplistic (3) there is no guide and (4) during the holding pattern, queuing to land, there were frequent signal cutouts.

I can definitely image we will fly JetBlue again.

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