Rash of Spam

I haven’t been able to post for a while because we have been in the process of moving and have been without much in the way of an Internet connection. That is supposed to be rectified today. Today we should get our slower “240kb/128kb” free service from the Apartment building. Next week, we should have the much faster Verizon FIOS internet (either 5Mb down or 15Mb down, I haven’t decided yet). It will be SO nice to be connected again. I have been having to use my cell phone as a modem, which is dial-up speed at best (and pretty laggy… I had forgotten how painful using dial-up Internet is).

One amusing thing happened that some of may have noticed… I had an email address that I used to post directly to my blog. It was a bizarro address that wouldn’t have been easily guessed. Well, it appears the spammers discovered it and were sending spam to it, so my blog got a bunch of spam messages. I deleted them and closed the email address. Oh well. If I am going to re-enable the email address for posting I will have to layer in some sort of security.

More soon…

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