Elite Beat Agents

I picked up Elite Beat Agents for the Nintendo DS. This is a really fun music and rhythm game. Somewhat like playing DDR with the stylus on the DS touch screen. Wacky-weird Japanese graphics and story lines. Addictive gameplay. This is definitely a game that would only work on the Nintendo DS (well, any game with a touch screen, I guess). It is somewhat hard to describe so check out these videos.

I got my Xbox 360 back and it works great, but, I discovered a well known problem related to getting your 360 repaired. If you buy a game on Xbox Live Arcade, that game is locked to the combination of the account which bought the game and the specific console on which the game was purchased. If you play the game on the console on which the game was purchased, you don’t have to be logged in to play the game and any account on that console can play the game. On any other console you can only play the game only if you are logged in with the account that purchased the game. This means that if your console is repaired and they send you a replacement (different) console, your Live Arcade games will only work if you are signed into Xbox Live with the account that purchased the game. No other accounts on your system will be able to play the games. This also means you should be careful not to buy a game on any Xbox 360 console other than your own. If you buy a game on a friend’s 360 you will have a harder time playing it on your own console (must be logged into the account that bought the game) but your friend will always be able to play the game.
There is a solution for this (at least if you cannot play the games after a repair). You call Xbox Live Support and after being passed around to a couple of support folks, they will have you create a new Silver account. Then, after a few days to a few weeks they will call you back and give you a code for the number of points for the games you previously owned with which you can then re-buy those games with that new Silver account. This is a really odd solution, but, I guess it works.

The bummer is it appears there are a lot of  360 consoles that are breaking, so, they must be having to do this a lot. I would think by now they would have a more streamlined process to solve this problem. Oh well.

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