The Weekend and a touch more

For the weekend (when I wasn’t playing Oblivion).  I had lunch with a friend at MOgridder’s in the Bronx – very tasty BBQ from an unlikely location. Afterward, we went to see Shoot ’em Up which is unapologetic “gun porn” but a lot of fun (and completely unrealistic). On Sunday we went to The Bronx Zoo – as expected I took a bunch of pictures so you can share in the experience. It’s a great zoo, absolutely huge (I had no idea it was so expansive). We had two complaints… The first was the almost complete lack of staff / volunteers / docents in the various areas – we saw a guy doing something, well, he really shouldn’t be (you can ask me in person if you want details) – we tried to get somebody to do something about it and while the staff (after we hunted them down) seemed shocked, they really didn’t seem to have any interest in doing anything about it – they did finally confront him but “he was nice so we didn’t feel we should kick him out” (not an exact quote). The second issue is that a great deal of the premium exhibits cost extra – you spend $14 to get into the zoo but to see several of the premium exhibits you buy them separately or get a “Pay one Price” ticket for $25. No, $25 isn’t outrageous it just seemed “odd” to us – it’s probably the norm now.

Now, for the “touch more” (just in case you care) I finished BioShock this last week. Not a “I played it on easy and finished it” – I finished it on hard and got 1000/1000 gamerscore. I came, I saw, I … What a fantastic game. Not a thing I would change about it. I hope it gets game of the year – I cannot imagine that the single player part of Halo3 will have anything on BioShock. For the first time in probably over a year I put the Oblivion disc back into the 360. I bought Oblivion the same day I bought the 360 and really enjoyed it but stopped playing it to play, umm… something else. It took a couple days to “get the hang of it” again, but now I am fully back into the swing of playing Oblivion. Fun game, sometimes frustrating (and a huge time sink) but lots of fun. Just to give you an idea of what I mean when I say “huge time sink” – estimates range from 100-200 hours to “complete” the game, the latter is likely closer.

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