I am the hero of Cyrodiil!

I’m fully back into the swing of things with Oblivion on the 360. I’ve completed the “Main Quest” now I am working on all of the side quests and guild quests (I have 610 points out of 1000). Still having a lot of fun, we’ll see if I get all 1000 (or 1250 with the expansion game) or if something comes out that distracts me again (I have a month before Guitar Hero 3 launches, although I’ll be gone for about half of that time). Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass comes out for the Nintendo DS on October 1st, I’ll undoubtedly spend many commuting hours playing that. I’ve played some of Jeanne a’Arc on the PSP but haven’t gotten “hooked” yet.

The Halo3 launch party is today at the Manhattan Best Buy that is near Grand Central Station. I stopped by and saw them setting up, there were only like 3 people in line. I stopped in and said hi to MajorNelson whose podcast I listen to every week. I’ve played Halo and Halo2 but I’m not planning on running out and getting Halo3 – I’m interested in reading some reviews and will undoubtedly play it eventually, I’ll just let the “rabid” folks get it first – especially since I will be “road tripping” soon and wouldn’t really be able to enjoy it.

The Digital Life show is at the end of this week. I’m really looking forward to seeing what crazy new tech and gaming stuff is at the show. We’ll be there most of the day on Thursday.

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