Lumines, Guitar Hero 3, Assassin’s Creed

I’ve been doing a little “old school” and playing some Lumines. This continues to be a great game. If you have a 360 or a PSP and like block dropping games, go get Lumines. Go now. I’m waiting.

Still playing some Guitar Hero 3. I am on the last set of hard and some percentage through expert, but I would say, without a doubt, Guitar Hero 3 is more challenging than Guitar Hero 2. Medium wasn’t too big a deal, but on hard and expert it is more difficult. Still fun, but more challenging.  I got to play (one track) of Rock Band at Best Buy last night — lots of fun. I am torn between buying the bundle with everything and just the game. Still undecided. Is it worth it to get yet another guitar (although somewhat fancier) and the drum kit? Do I want to play the drums? I haven’t decided, yet.

Finally, I picked up Assassin’s Creed. Good game so far, great story telling. Drop dead gorgeous graphics. I haven’t made up my mind if it is great or just good yet. Will keep you updated. It isn’t the >amazing< game that BioShock was. It isn’t Prince of Persia, it isn’t Splinter Cell, but it is good. We’ll see.

This weekend we’re going to a Danish Christmas Fair in Brooklyn with some friends. Here is somebody ‘s write up of it from last year but no other big plans for the weekend. Going to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends, should be nice. Maybe play some games, see some movies. No specific plans that I’m aware of.

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