Mass Effect, Rock Band, Snow, and more.

I finished up Assassin’s Creed (well, not all the flags or Templars, but…) and it was really a great game, I enjoyed it a lot. It definitely does not deserve some of the (low) “7” scores it was getting, something in the 8 range seems appropriate or possibly 9-ish. I am really pleased I played it. It really lived up to the idea of “Spiritual Sucessor of Prince of Persia” in my opinion, although I hope they do more “actual successor of Prince of Persia” games – I’ve loved them all (except possibly mostly unknown Prince of Persia 3D, which I did own but (thankfully) never played).

I picked up the drums for Rock Band (well, the whole kit, but I am going to sell the other pieces). The drums are fun but they are a lot more work to learn than “guitar,” I think. I can do a number of the songs on medium, but the bass drum is far from natural for me — if it was just the four drums it wouldn’t be terribly difficult, but when you throw in the bass drum pedal it becomes kind of like watching and chewing gum and patting your head… well, not quite that bad. It will be fun to learn, though.

I started playing Mass Effect. I’m about 6 hours in. Really nice game so far – great graphics, fantastic dialog, top notch voice acting, and a deep discussion system. It was a touch chatty for the first few hours, but it seems to be picking up now. I really look forward to seeing where it is going. A lot of people knocked KOTOR (which I really liked) for the battle system (which I didn’t mind), but they might enjoy Mass Effect more. Mass Effect’s battle system is far more like a standard FPS with a touch of Tactical Shooter thrown in. That said, if you just want a shooter, go get Halo 3 (or better yet, get Bioshock for something much cooler) – this game is absolutely chock full or reading and talking and listening and all that.

Happily, we woke up this morning to our first snow of the season (and more predicted in the coming days). Yay! It is looking like it will rain and be cold all night, so it might be kind of nasty in the morning, hopefully the trains will run at least close to on time.

We watched (almost all of) the first part of Tin Man on Sci-Fi. We’re enjoying it so far. At first I thought it was just going to be another “cheesy Sci-fi  channel movie” ™, but it’s not too bad so far. I’ll let you know our opinion after we finish it.

Finally, we recently had Food TV HD added to our lineup. WOOT! I am a big fan of Food TV and was always sad to see it in SD. We saw Good Eats in HD this morning and Alton has never looked better. Nice to see some of the “cable networks” finally converting to HD.


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