TiVo, Amazon Unbox, Netflix

We are still absolutely loving our TiVo HD – I prefer it to sliced bread, I think. I always knew the TiVo would make suggestions (and record tons of programs to keep your Suggestions folder full, but I didn’t know we would spend a lot of our time just watching stuff in the suggestions folder). Kudos to TiVo for making such a wonderful box. If you have an HD TV, this is a must own bit of kit.  If you don’t have an HD TV, go get one (and then get a TiVo HD).  I also really love being able to push shows from my TiVo HD over to my PSP for watching on the train during my commutes.

A few weeks ago we tried Amazon Unbox, which will deliver movies and such to the TiVo. It worked nicely and the DVD is pretty much DVD quality, but the problem is that at the price you won’t be renting very many movies before you could just get a NetFlix plan (even a 3 disc plan). On top of that, it really is just DVD quality, so I am not really leveraging the wonderful HD TV (or TiVo HD). So, I resubscribed (after years of being away) to NetFlix.

I used NetFlix really early one and they had a nice website then… now they have an amazing website, I am incredibly impressed with how polished their site is. Also, the NetFlix turn is really fast – if I put a movie in the mail on Monday, we tend to have the next disc on Wednesday. One other great feature is that they have an amazing catalog of not just DVDs but also HD DVDs, so we have finally be putting my 360s HD DVD drive (that I’ve had for almost 6 months) to some use, which makes me happy.

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