A Danish Christmas Feast

One of our neighbors is Danish. She and her husband invited us to a “Danish Christmas Feast” where we ate interesting Danish foods including a couple different kinds of herring, etc. Most of the food was new to us but everything was good. Humorously, after they played Guitar Hero at our place, they bought a 360 so they can play GH. So, after dinner we all took turns playing it, a good time had by all.

Aside from the all day affair of the Danish Christmas Feast, we mostly spent the weekend in. We caught up on some TV, watched The Manhattan Project, I finished my first play through of Mass Effect (great game!!). I started playing Half-Life 2 from Orange Box. The Half-Life series has been on the top of my list of favorite games, and Half-Life 2 on the 360 looks phenomenal — I played it when it first came out on the PC, and I think it looks even better now. They also got the controls spot on, which is always a worry for a game when it moves from the PC to the console.

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