Two Fantastic Movies

We went to see two movies this weekend. The first was Wanted starring Angelina Jolie and James McAvoy. I cannot speak highly enough about this movie. While I loved Iron Man, I think Wanted was the most trilling, exciting, mind bending action movie since The Matrix. If you loved The Matrix I would suspect you will love Wanted.

The second movie was WALL-E. With WALL-E, Pixar yet again demonstrates that they are the masters of animated film and WALL-E belongs in a place with the very best of the Pixas movies. WALL-E has both wonderful animation and a wonderful story. Suitable for (probably?) all ages, you will be doing yourself and your loved ones a disservice not going to see WALL-E.

While many movies work just as well on DVD as in the theater, I would strongly recommend seeing both Wanted and WALL-E on the big screen.

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