Hulkamania, Brother

No, not the wrestler, the big green gamma radiation induced monster. I went to see The Incredible Hulk yesterday. It stars one of my favorite actors Edward Norton. It was a fun movie. It wasn’t as good as Iron Man, but it was worth seeing. Now that I have seen this new Hulk movie, I would like to re-watch the Ang Lee (of Brokeback Mountain fame) movie The Hulk again.

Last night, I watched the local fireworks from our big 6th story window, which was nice. Today, I grilled a tasty steak in the rain using this tasty method. The missus and I are spending our weekend playing Lego Indiana Jones and having a good time with it — just having a nice, lazy, long weekend. Still no extensive plans. We thought about doing some camping, but we’re watching the neighbors cats this weekend and we both imagine most campgrounds would be uber-crowded, so we’ll wait a couple weekends.

Toward the end of August, we’ll probably visit the New York Renaissance Faire and New York State Fair – make a long weekend out of it. They were both fun last year, I think it will be a nice way “birthday getaway” with the missus (her birthday, not mine).

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