More Tickets

Our nephew Steve visited us last night. I introduced him to Ticket to Ride, which I talked about yesterday. We played a couple games and had a good time. I rarely wish I had a third 360 controller, but the game supports up to four in local players and it would have been fun to get the missus in on the game. One of these days I’ll take the plunge and play it online, but I always seem to end up with whiny 13 year old or people who drop out the moment they start loosing or the person with the terrible internet connection who drops out half way through the game. Anyway, this continues to be a fun game. It is a touch unfortunate that nothing is hidden from the other players (destination cards, train cards) when you play local multiplayer, but with everyone playing from a single TV it would be impossible to hide stuff — so I am glad they just bit the bullet and enabled local multiplayer. You can still have a fun, friendly game with no secret information.

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