The eight year journey is over. 11:11!

I was talking with the missus tonight before the election coverage started on TV. While it is no secret that we have supported Obama for a long time, we both agreed that we would support whoever won, but we just didn’t want a close election that dragged on for days or weeks, we wanted a decisive landslide. What did we get? A decisive landslide! I firmly believe this will be an election for the history books. The majority spoke, McCain listened, and he gave a timely, respectful, and classly concession speech. This election couldn’t have gone more smoothly, especially when compared to the last two elections. We are incredibly optimistic that Obama can turn things around.

On a fun side note, we were watching Daily Show Indecision ’08 when they announced at 11:11 that Obama was president. While our TiVo was a bit delayed, I think it was cool that it happened at 11:11.

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