Movie Weekend, a new 360

We had a pretty quiet weekend. I played some Saints Row 2 and we watched a few movies and DVDs. We watched the first disc of season one of Love American Style. It is dated but humorous. We started watching Arrested Development Season 2, funny as always. We went to the theater and saw Gran Torino and Slumdog Millionaire, both of which were really, really good – we strongly recommend both movies. We are currently watching Hancock (good so far). All in all, it has been a nice, relaxing weekend.

On slightly sadder news, my 360 started locking up a few days ago. It had problems loading some games and other games would lock up during gameplay. I thought it was still under extended warranty, but it seems like I let the extended warranty lapse. Since the cost to repair the system is pretty close to just buying a new Xbox 360 Arcade, I decided to just pick up a 360 Arcade.  The new unit has the added benefits of having an HDMI video port and with the Jasper chipset it uses quite a bit less power. I will probably still get an extended warranty for it, as I still lack confidence that even the latest 360’s are completely reliable. I may try to repair my previous 360 – most 360’s just have heating problems which are pretty easy to fix.

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