Those Darn Mutants

I’ve been collecting some Stephen King themed comic books. I was in Midtown Comics early in the week to pick up the latest issues of Dark Tower Treachery and The Stand and saw they had passes for a sneak preview to the Mutant Chronicles movie. This isn’t a movie (or book) I had heard of, but I like a sci-fi / action / mutant film as much as the next guy so I picked up a pass. Despite yesterday being colder than teats on a Wiccan,  the missus and I ventured over to the theater after work. Happily the weren’t making folks stand outside. I picked us up some soft tacos from Chipotle while we waited (which were mmmm tasty!) and finally we were seated. I even got a free copy of the Mutant Chronicles book (which some Amazon readers found to be pretty atrocious, according to the reviews).

The crowd was pretty small for a sneak preview (probably due to the cold). One of the cast members was in attendance. We were told the movie was scheduled for an April release date, that the movie was still a work in progress, and that the final print would be about 12 minutes shorter than the one we were watching. The movie had some relatively big names: Ron Perlman, John Malkovich (small role), and Thomas Jane. Overall, I would say the movie looked slick, was decently written and acted, had a pretty interesting story, and good special effects. While it probably won’t win any awards, I wouldn’t have been disappointed if I had actually paid to see it. If you are a fan of the sci-fi / action / mutant film genre, I would recommend it.

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