Weekend stuff

The lease on our apartment comes due in about three months. If we plan to move we’ll have to notify our current complex 60 days before the end of the lease. While we like our apartment and location, there is always the possibility that we could find a less expensive and larger place (which would be really, really nice). I started feeling out other locations by making a list of apartment complexes and making preliminary calls. Unfortunately, the weekend is not the ideal time to contact leasing agents because most leasing offices are closed on Saturday (which makes no sense to me), but I called about 85 places and weeded out a few places that aren’t actually apartment complexes and I’ve left lots of messages. I was able to talk to four or five candidates, but I suspect it will be during the week that we will have a better picture of the possibilities. We’ll see. Changing leases is a chicken and egg problem because your current place wants 60 days notice, but so does everybody else – so if you call a place 90 days ahead of time they generally don’t know what they will have available and are often hesitant to discuss the future possibilities. Most places understand that I am making a list of “possibilities” and getting details such as ballpark prices and sizes, but some just don’t get it.

A couple weeks ago we started watching (via Netflix streaming) 30 Rock (season one). I’m not quite sure how we missed this show before now, but we are really enjoying it. We’ve finished season one and are looking forward to starting season two.

Last Thursday we went to see Watchmen and wow! It was really amazing! They did a great job of translating the graphic novel to the big screen. The movie is long at about 2 hours 40 minutes, but I’ve heard that the DVD is going to be four hours (which is easy to believe). Even at that length, it didn’t feel “long”. There isn’t anything I would have cut from the movie and it kept my attention for the entire span. I’d recommend this movie to everyone, but, it is not for kids – it is very violent, bloody, and contains mature themes. I would strongly recommend reading the graphic novel or watching the “motion comic” before or after – but go see the movie on the big screen. It is such an amazing story and I love that doesn’t take the “easy way out” of situations.

I’ve been playing a lot of Burnout Paradise on the 360 and am having a lot of fun with it. I am five events from having my “Burnout” license. I’ve found all the billboards, all the super-jumps, and I’m only missing 10 smashes. I have over two thirds of the cars. The races are now getting a fair bit more difficult. I’ve tried racing “online” but I don’t like that -a- I don’t have control of the day/night cycle (I don’t really like racing at night) and -b- even when I play a “ranked match” the other races are generally far better than I am so I have almost no chance of winning. Oh well. I still highly recommend the game, I just don’t enjoy the online races.

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