Kindle / ebook Transcript

On the morning of November 2, 2010, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments regarding Schwarzenegger v. EMA. You can read details about this on Wikipedia, but in short, it regards a California law that tries to make deviant / violent video games illegal to sell to minors and places legal penalties (fines, etc.) on such sales.

I originally got the transcript in PDF format from Scribd thanks to Christopher Grant who posted it there. It’s a very interesting read.

For easy viewing on the Kindle and other ebook readers I’ve converted it to .mobi format (click the link to download). I’ve made a few very minor formatting changes to increase readability for the ebook format and fixed one or two typos or added missing letters but I’ve tried to keep the text exactly as it came from the original PDF I got from Scribd.

To install this on your Kindle, just download the .mobi file, connect the USB cable to your Kindle, and place the .mobi file in your Kindle’s “documents” directory or email it to your Kindle email address.

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