Kingdom Hospital and Divx

Watching Kingdom Hospital… just watched last weeks episode where the anteater gave the fat lawyer the heart transplant and all I can say yowzer! While I knew something strange was going to happen, this put a new spin on the anteater that I never expected. I understood his general function as healing or killing but he always seemed pretty passive about it before. Very interesting. If you are a Stephen King fan you really should be watching this show… very well done and very Stephen King-ish.

Now a question I will just throw out to the universe about Divx video that contains VBR encoded MP3 audio… it seems when I load a Divx into VirtualDub it complains about the audio portion and that sync will be off, save as wav, blah blah blah. Pretty much whatever I do with these files (save to wav, convert to CBR MP3, etc) when I rebuild the video it is out of sync (and it seems sync gets progressively worse as the video progresses). When I use Dr. Divx 1.04 (with 1.6b fix) to just reencode the video which will make it have CBR MP3 by default, the sync is just fine and then, of course, VirtualDub likes the video just fine. First: Any soltuion to this other than Dr. Divx? Second: If the toolks generally handle AVI with VBR MP3 poorly (or at least VirtualDub and maybe TMPGEnc) why are people using VBR MP3 in their AVIs? I have never (personally) been a fan of VBR MP3, so maybe this is a personal bias.

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