Diving at Blue Hole

It was a Scuba/Deadwood weekend… On Friday, a small group of us from our local dive club — www.ziadivers.org — took a trip out to Santa Rosa, NM to do a night dive at Blue Hole then a dive at Perch Lake on Saturday. Rhonda (from Los Alamos), who I took my advanced open water class with, happened to be there that weekend and joined us for our dives. My wife Deborah provided topside support (haven’t talked her into diving, yet). A good time was had by all. Perch Lake is really cold in early May below the thermocline (at about 40 feet) — brainfreeze!

I got almost caught up watching HBO’s Deadwood, a very interesting new series about a gold prospectors town in the 1800s (?). Worth checking out. Soprano’s is also pretty good this season — not the best season but not the worst.

Caught about 30 minutes of NBC’s “10.5” earthquake disaster mini-series. I may watch a little more of it but the beginning was a dog — seemed poorly written and acted and obviously nobody with a scientific background helped with the script.

Currently I am playing with a very neat project — HTMLArea which lets you develop web pages with a HTML TEXTAREA on them but you get a full blow HTML editor. Worth checking out. Make sure you download the latest version (3.0 RC1 at the time of this writing).

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