American Idol

As a frequent watcher of American Idol since the start of season 1, I was relieved last night that Jasmine Trias (from Hawaii) was voted off. Please don’t think I believe she is a talentless hack, I do believe she has some real ability, but, I believe that she isn’t as good as Fantasia or Diane (not to mention I thought Latoya was better). At the end of season two, I thought Clay should have won and album sales have shows I was right. This season, I think, is closer. While I really like both Fantasia and Diane, personally, I would give the win to Diane.

I hope in future seasons of American Idol (I hope they skip future Junior Idol’s) they change to one call per contestant per phone number -or- a toll system. Also, I think changing to a system to where you vote for the person you want off the show would be beneficial.

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