As I pack for my long weekend of scuba diving and beach camping, I think about the hot games from this years E3… If these games actually come out this year, this promises to be a stellar fall/winter for gaming. Half Life 2, which I have be eagerly waiting since finishing Half Life for the first (second, third, more?) time, is “promised” for this summer (not really holding my breath). Recently saw the 2004 E3 HL2 footage and WOW, it looks great. It is too bad for HL2 that FarCry beat it to the shelves, but, at least FarCry can keep me interested until HL2 ships. If you liked Half Life, you owe it to yourself to go pick up FarCry — it is a very good game. Hopefully on the heels of Half Life we will have Halo2 for the Xbox (which doesn’t look too shaby) and, amazingly, Splinter Cell 3 (didn’t I JUST finish Splinter Cell 2 a couple months ago?). If you haven’t played Splinter Cell 1 and 2, close your browser and GET BUSY. Doom3 can’t be forgotten, either.

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