Diving in Mexico

Spent the long memorial day weekend in Sunny Himalaya Bay, Mexico (in Sonora, Mexico). This is located almost due south of Tucson / Nogales, northwest of San Carlos. The weekend was spent beach camping and scuba diving. This trip was put together by The Dive Shop out of Tucson. If you are a diver, they seem to put together good trips to Himalaya Bay and San Carlos. Relatively inexpensive and lots of fun. If you want beach camping, Himalaya is great, if you want a hotel, San Carlos is great. I have heard that San Carlos has clean food and water, so it is more tourist friendly that most of the Mexican locations (cannot vouch for this myself).

We (two members from my dive club, Zia Divers, and myself) drove down. It is reported to be about a 12 – 14 hour drive. The trip down was probably about this amount of time, the trip back, oddly, was more like 20 hours (ouch). If you are going to drive from Albuquerque to Tucson I would personally recommend using I-25 to Las Cruces then I-10 to Tucson (I hear there is a cutoff that saves a little bit of time some miles before Las Cruces).

The diving was very nice, saw lots of cool stuff and quite a bit of the usual: star fish, sea cucumbers, various kinds of rays, moray eels, trigger fish, scorpion fish, big angel fish, and several puffer fish. Several people saw lobsters. Didn’t do as much diving as I would have personally liked, but, it was a lot of fun and I would definitely go to Himalaya or San Carlos again for diving.

I will be testing for my Taekwon-do yellow belt this weekend, I have been doing Taekwon-do for three months now and am really enjoying it.

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