PocketPC GPS

Been a little while since I updated… Nothing a whole lot new. Heading out to JavaOne this weekend, planning my London trip, getting caught up on The Shield (Season 3). Trying to line up a few (probably local-ish) dives during July. If you know of any great dive sites close to London, please let me know. I have emailed a few people but not gotten any responses.

Replaced my T-Mobile Sidekick phone with a T-Mobile MDA (Pocket PC Phone) which I got for about $200 on eBay. I am quite happy with the new device. It is far more capable as a PDA and has lots of 3rd party apps and games and a great screen. I picked up a discontinued Radio Shack GPS for it which was dirt cheap. Thanks to Yorch for the info about re-wiring the iPaq 3800 cable to work with this device. Between Mapopolis, the Pocket PC, and the Radio Shack GPS I have a very capable GPS system quite inexpensively. If you know of better mapping/gps software, please let me know. I am considering GPSDash as an alternate for simpler stuff.

Went and saw two movies this weekend: Dodge Ball (excellent – 3.5/4) and Around the World in 80 Says (not bad, probably best for kids – 2.5/4).

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