JavaOne in San Francisco, Ebay Problem

Just got back from JavaOne in San Francisco. It was a good show, makes me think I am mostly on track with how I am doing things… I should probably start thinking about using J2EE, but, my use of Hibernate, Tapestry, and Eclipse seem spot on. I went to several sessions about JSF (Java Server Faces) and it seems to try to do what Tapestry does, but not nearly as well. The only advantage I can see is that there seems to be some components created by 3rd parties that Tapestry doesn’t have, but, the built in components for Tapestry are much richer.

I have also hit my first personal snag on eBay after well over a hundred transactions. I bought an item from an eBay seller whose personal email address (and the one registered with eBay) doesn’t match his Paypal email address. He didn’t bother to mention this until after I paid him. Paypal, by default, uses the email address registered with eBay to complete auction payments, so, the money did not go to him but to ??? (according to his statements). From the best I can tell, his position is that his email address (a hotmail account) must have belonged to somebody before him. Also, he doesn’t seem to be willing to do very much to help me research this. I have finally sent info about this to Paypal and eBay and maybe they will help me resolve this, or, I am out about $21.

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