New hosting… I finally got fed up with the hosting problems at — they served me relatively well for several years, but, lately they have had lots of problems (and I haven’t been happy with how they handle email for about a year). After much searching I settled on For my needs they have a nice mix of capability and price. They lack Java Servlet hosting, but, other than that one couldn’t couldn’t ask for much more for the price. Hopefully they will remain fast enough, stable enough, etc. The transfer was relatively simple and quick except for changing my domain name from the name2host registrar (they do their own domain registration) to which took a week (almost to the minute). But… I am now completely back up and running and having CPanel and Fantastico to help manage my hosting is very helpful.

Going diving at Balmorhea, Texas this weekend. Not a deep dive (only about 25 feet) but warmer than the diving around Albuquerque (and Santa Rosa) and lots more life. Will be fun. I will post some pictures.

Started playing the new Oddworld game and it’s a winner. If you have played the other three Oddworld games you know what I am talking about. I was skeptical about how Oddworld would translate into a shooter, but, it works great. If you liked the other Oddworld games you need to check this one out. The next game will probably be Metroid Prime 2.

Until next time…

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