Balmorhea and NYC

Had a fun weekend down in Balmorhea, TX doing some scuba diving (pictures in my gallery) with a friend. The drive was somewhat long (about 7 hours) but livable. My wife and I have been going through all of our possessions trying to get rid of everything we don’t really need — I have been quite successful with getting rid of a lot of stuff. We’re having a garage sale (practically an estate sale) this coming weekend and hopefully my old stuff will find a good home.

Planning a short trip to New York City weekend after next. Should be interesting. I have visited the city once before and enjoyed the trip then. I will try to put some of my old pictures in my gallery (and add some new ones after the trip). If you know of any great places to eat or visit you should let me know.

I don’t have any other specific trips planned. I would like to take a diving trip to San Diego/Los Angeles/Seattle or somewhere within the next few months — we’ll see if that materializes.

Until next time…

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