The Move, The New City…

Well, I got all my stuff packed up and key stuff into my vehicle by about 10pm on Thursday evening — which is about what I expected. Early Friday morning (about 5am) Deb and I hit the road. We had a nice overcast morning so the sun didn’t get into our eyes during the drive east out of Albuquerque, quite a blessing. We arrived in Tulsa about 5pm and had a nice dinner (and dessert!) with my dad and his wife. We hit the road again about 7:30pm and made it almost to St. Louis before stopping for the night at just before 2am. We got a good nights sleep and hit the road again at about 10am. We drove through several states, stopping for the night in Breezewood, PA at just before 1am. I was planning to stop in Breezewood, anyway, but the road was closed from 11pm – 5am so we had to either stop in Breezewood or take a detour so it was “meant to be”, we guess. We got left Breezewood at about 10am and got into Rahway, NJ (at our new apartment) just before 3pm. The worst of the traffic for the entire trip was the last 30 minutes in New Jersey, and even that wasn’t terribly bad. We had perfect weather the entire drive.

We got into our apartment. The building is nice, the area is nice. Some of the surrounding area needs improvement but it seems the area is going through improvements so it really does appear the entire neighborhood is “on the rebound”. The apartment, as I said, is very nice but there is a smoke smell. I am looking to see if there are other apartments available that don’t have the smoke smell. It is a bummer that brand new apartments, that have had one tenant, already has a smoke smell. Oh well! We went to Target and got a bunch of “necessities” (like being back in college), had dinner at Unos (mmm good), and dessert at The Cheesecake Factory (for my 35th birthday).

Looking out the back windows (or on our porch) is a nice bar named “The Back Porch”. They will have music and stuff there on the weekends, but, I think we can live with it. We stopped in for a drink and met the people who work there, all seem quite nice.

On Monday we found a great little deli / sandwich shop just around the corner from our apartment and had a great breakfast sandwich there. We then took a trip into the City — doing a dry run on the trains and subways to work. Looks like the commute will be 60-90 minutes, depending on how things go. I may look into what all the alternate routes are, but it’s not bad. Then we walked from my work, through central park, and over to a move theater and see the move “House Of D” which we really enjoyed. It is in limited release in LA/NY so it was fun to see a movie about New York, in New York, before the rest of the country can see it. FUN!

Well, the first few days seem to have gone well.

Until next time…

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