Star Wars, Lots of Boxes…

Over this last weekend we went and saw “Kingdom of Heaven” (KOH) and “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith” (SW). We thought KOH was interesting and well cast but often felt like we didn’t really know were it was going for long stretches of time. It is likely it is because we aren’t overly familiar with the history related to the film, I know others have liked it quite a bit, but, I thought they could have done a bit to tighten it up. That said, it was fun, well cast, and we though well acted. If it seems like your kind of movie you should check it out. We don’t give it a “bad” review, per-se, just not a stellar one.

SW, on the other hand, had the same mixed cast — Anakin was still kind of weak and Padme still kind of clueless, but, Mace, Obi-Won, Yoda, and Palpatine were strong as always. The story was solid, the effects were spectacular, and it wrapped up all the loose ends nicely. I think this was a fine ending for the 2nd SW trilogy… Definately stronger than Ep1 and Ep2, but, I didn’t hate those as much as others obviously did (once you get past JarJar and the bad acting of every Anakin…). I think the series holds together overall. One thing to suggest to you SW fanatics out there: After you see SW:ROTS go pick up the book. The book was a lot of fun and explained tons of cool stuff about the story, the characters, and the Force that aren’t clearly explained in the movie(s). The insights into Anakin were very interesting.

On Sunday we got stuff ready for the movers to arrive. This included putting together a small TV stand/entertainment center for the bedroom.

Monday morning the Movers arrived just a touch early (perfect) as did the folks we hired to unload the stuff from the moving van to the apartment. The folks we hired did a great job and were worth every penny. We found them through MovingHelp/ The website seems a little buggy, but, once we got it booked and the helpers we selected accepted the job it went very smoothly. I would recommend checking this site out if you need a few extra hands for a move across town or country.

So, we now have a TON of boxes in our apartment. Deb is working hard to get everything unboxed and put away. We will soon find out how “too small” our new place is 🙂

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