Six Flags, Fewer Boxes…

Well the long weekend went very well. Friday night we took it easy, had some dinner at the Back Porch (the bar in our new back yard) and got to bed early-ish. Woke up on Saturday and played some Jade Empire (Xbox) before we got our day going by driving down south to Six Flags. We got Deb a three park season pass (Six Flags Great Adventures, Wild Safari, Hurricaine Harbor) to match my season pass. We saw the tigers at Great Adventures then headed over to Wild Safari — a drive through Zoo. Wild Safari was a lot of fun, lots of animals just walking around the cars, etc. See pics in the Dorffweb Gallery under NJ/NY Pics. (Also see pics of our apartment full of boxes and of the going away party in that same album).

After leaving Wild Safari we drove to the New Jersey shore. We walked on the beach the made it back to the car just before the rain started. We found a cute little restaurant on the beach and had dinner (a few pics of the shore in the same gallery album I mentioned earlier).

We drove back toward the apartment and stopped at IKEA. WOW! What a cool store! We browsed through IKEA for an hour or so then went to see the movie Unleased. Unleashed was a LOT of fun, really well done.

On Sunday, we did some shopping for stuff we needed to put the bed and dining room table together, went back to IKEA to figure out what we might need for bookshelves, then grabbed some dinner from another restaurant near the apartment (The Townhouse), and came back to the apartment and got the bed put together. At this point we realized we needed to re-think how the furniture was laid out in the bedroom (oops!).

On Monday we got the bedroom rearranged to fit things better then made it out to IKEA (AGAIN! Third day in a row) and bought the bookshelves that we decided we needed. We stopped and had dinner at Macaroni Grill then came back to the apartment. We moved the china cabinet/hutch, Deb put the dining room table back together, whew! We stopped by Fat Tuesday and got a drink.

It was a long, fun, productive weekend. We got quite a few good things done around the apartment that will help us to finish unpacking.

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