News from the front…

Well, another week or so has gone by and I can shirk my blogging duties no longer.

Last Friday night we went to see Crash. If you like movies such as Traffic, Magnolia, etc. which show different peoples lives and the unusual intersections, demonstrating that actions have consequences, etc. you will like Crash. We really enjoyed it. It is pretty heavy, though (not a light-hearted comedy by any means).

On Saturday we drove down to the Jersey Shore (pics to follow in the gallery). We walked along the boardwalk at Asbury Park then drove further south along the shore for quite a bit farther. It was a nice drive. Saturday night we spend a bit of time at The Back Porch listening to a great band, The Booglerizers – acoustic blues and ragtime music. I highly recommend them.

On Sunday we came into the city. Attended church at the St. Paul and St. Andrew United Methodist Church. It was a good service, lots of energy. Afterward, we walked through Central Park and then went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For some reason I read it as the MOMA on the map, but, it was still neat. We bought an annual membership as we wanted to view it over time, not try to just do it in a day.

I read on Monday that Apple is brining OS X to the Intel platform sometime over the next year or two. I heard about the time OS X was being developed (i.e., a LONG time ago, before it was called OS X) that it would compile and run on Intel, so, I have been expecting this announcement for YEARS. I think this is great news. It would be nice to have a Unix-based OS with a -=GOOD UI=- (Linux is great but the X interface just sucks) that runs on the Intel platform as an alternative to Windows. Hopefully it is more stable than Windows. I would love to see Apple take a real bite out of Microsoft and am just amazed that Microsoft seems to be taking this so well and not offered to stop making Office, etc. for OS X. We’ll see how they actually respond soon, I guess. I have been considering buying one of those cute 12″ iBooks for some time now, maybe I will hold off. Also should be interesting to see if this changes how game makers support OS X… I imagine we might see DirectX ported to OS X and most games now coming with Windows and OS X version (or just more support for OpenGL in games)? Dunno.

That’s all for now.

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