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Had a nice long weekend although, as always, I wish it was longer. On Saturday we went and saw War of the Worlds, which was fun and the effects were spectacular. BUT, that said, I wouldn’t give it full marks by any means. The ending was ABRUPT and the SCREAMING little girl was ANNOYING. Eee gad, who told her to scream like that and so much. Oh jeez. Grating on the nerves. It is funny because I generally like Dakota Fanning. But,Tom Cruise did a good job playing the dead beat dad and I appreciated he didn’t suddenly become a good dad. Go for the effects, leave for the screaming.

Deb made a tasty Mac and Cheese Dog Dinner. She has been watching 30-Minute Meals with Rachael Ray on FoodTV and getting some good ideas. Really good.

On Sunday we went to the Meadowlands Sports Complex and saw the Cirque du Soleil show Varekai. It is a traveling show. It was excellent. Great effects (well, mind boggling acrobatics) AND a complete lack of screaming kids in the show. A touch pricier than War of the Worlds to attend, but, a great show. After the Cirque show we went to theNew Jersey Fair which, umm, SUCKED. If you are into fried fair food and bad fair rides this is the fair for you. If you want something interesting, probably you should look elsewhere. There was a big portable maze that looked kind of cool. This fair was NOT worth the $16 entrance fee ($8 for each of us). At least we didn’t have to pay for parking (we parked at the Race Track, which offers free parking).

On Monday we mostly just hung out and watched some TV and relaxed. It was a good, relaxing day. Monday night, the city of Rahway, NJ put on a spectacular fireworks show. This show was really worth seeing. Part of the reason we originally went to New Jersey Fair on Sunday night was for a fireworks show. When the fair was so terrible we just left and didn’t get see the fireworks. I am so glad Rahway had such a great display.

We got some more pictures uploaded to our Flickr. This is a really nifty site. They have spent a TON of time on user interface stuff. I would like a slightly fancier Upload program, but, that will come. Also, there is a nifty badge thing I placed onmy homepage to show the latest images.

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