Last Weekend

We had a nice weekend, not too hectic. On Saturday we went to Costco then to see the movie Fantastic Four. It was a fun movie and the effects were good but the story was a touch weak. It could easily be a renter. If you want a good comic-book action film, go seeBatman Begins (or rent Spiderman 2). On Sunday we went to the Liberty Science Center. This isn’t a huge science center, but, it is big enough to waste a day in and has an IMAX and a “High-def Theater” (whatever that means). It is right by the ferries to Ellis Island/Statue of Liberty (on the New Jersey side), so we went to the waterside and saw those. It is a really nice area. There was a band playing. You have a great view on the New York City skyline. Definitely worth seeing if you are in the area.

I started playing Metroid Prime Echos , which I bought a long time ago. Lots of fun.

Interestingly I also picked up a cheap, used PS2. Funny story, ask me about it sometime if you are so inclined. Started playing Jak and Daxter. Fun game, too.

Finally, I migrated my blog software from b2evolution to WordPress. WordPress has some really nice features. It is easily skinnable (change the appears of the blog), easy to blog to from Flickr, I can post to the blog via email, lots of plug-ins, etc. If you are looking for blog software (on a site that you host) this seems to be about the best.

That’s about it right now…

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