The Weekend So Far… Updates

It’s Saturday morning and we’re getting ready to Go Take On The Day ™ but thought I would give a brief update. We watched the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The IMAX Experience. It was a lot of fun. Depp did a good job, crazier than the first movie or the book, but, fun. It had a strong Tim Burton signature throughout the entire film, which was great. The casting was spot on. BUT, not without minor complaints. While I liked the much-fancier music of the Oompa-Loompa sining, I often found the words hard to understand. This is unfortunate because they used the lyrics from the book, according to the credits. Secondly, I think the choice to use just one actor for all of the Oompa-Loompas was a poor one. I would have liked more visual variety and not just in the face but in the actions. They frequently felt like they were all doing the exact same thing at either the same time or just a couple beats from each other. Those were my only real complaints. They added just a few things to the story, but, all the additions worked well (at least for me). I recommend it, even if you liked the original movie and/or book, especially if you like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp.

After the movie we went, on a recommendation, to Joe’s Shanghai Chinese Restaurant. I cannot recommend this place highly enough. It was fantastic food, good service. We will definately go back again. (Dang spellcheckers! Thanks Steve)

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  1. You’ll “defiantly” go back in? Who’s trying to stop you? 🙂 There’s a place off West End on the east side that has GREAT cold peanut noodles… I’ll ask my uncle the name of the place… he said they go there all the time.

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