Finishing up the Weekend

Originally uploaded by Kevin C. Dorff.

On Saturday we went to see The Wedding Crashers. It was a lot of fun, but, if you are even moderately easy to offend this may not be the movie for you. We really enjoyed it, though.

On Sunday we went to the Frelinghuysen Arboretum. This place is big (125 acres, I think) and really beautiful. Took several pictures, they are in my Flickr account.

Also on Sunday we got a new (free) Laser Printer using the same method we used to get the PS2. It is kind of old and big, but, seems like a decent printer – 12ppm, 600dpi. Will verify its condition tonight and let you know.

I’m getting close to the end of Jak and Daxter. It has been a LOT of fun. I am really looking forward to Jak II and Jak III but I may go back and finish Metriod before starting those. I also picked up ICO and look forward to playing that.

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