The Laser Printer

The laser printer is a NEC SuperScript 1260. I initially did a print test which told me it was a 600dpi, LaserJet IIP compatible printer. The first prints had faint bars on them but those disappeared quickly.

I picked up a DLink DP-301P+ print server to put the printer on my network, configured the print server and it printed without a hitch… Well, there was one hitch that the paper cartridge was set to A4 but that was easy to fix.

Text looks great on the printer. While it is a little slow to start printing, once it starts the printing is pretty snappy at 12ppm.

The one problem is that while it is a 600dpi printer, the WinXP driver only supports 300dpi. The driver that supports 600dpi only works on Win9X and there doesn’t appear to be any workaround. The isn’t really an issue with text, but, graphics print poorly on it. This isn’t a big issue for me as I have a nice color inkjet, but, it is unfortunate. Some searches did lead me back to a nifty program you might be interested in checking out, FinePrint — both of their programs FinePrint and pdfFactory Pro are really nice. FinePrint adds a ton of options to your printer that the stock printer drivers don’t offer and pdfFactory Pro is a great alternative to Adobe Acrobat Pro.

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