Baseball, Gmail, and C#

The baseball game was a lot of fun. The Yankees beat the Twins 4-0. For discounted seats they were really good… We had a great view of the field almost directly in the home base/first base line (on the home base side). The seats are arranged at a very steep angle so even the higher up seats feel close to the action, it seems. My only complaint about the seat was there was an aisle a few rows in front of us and people kept walking in our view. The food was ridiculously expensive so we skipped that. One odd thing, getting into the stadium was a real chore… it turns I could not take my messenger bag in with me (or the DVD player inside the bag). For some reason all electronics other than cameras appear to be forbidden. I had to “check” my bag for $5 at the bowling alley across the street. Deb was allowed to take her purse, but, the items in her other bag (some water, snacks) had to be transferred to a clear plastic bag (which they provided). I thought I saw a sign that stated no outside food or beverages but they didn’t seem to care.

For my work email, I changed from using Mozilla Thunderbird to using Google’s GMail and I must say I am very impressed. I still use Fastmail for my personal mail and don’t plan to switch anytime soon, but, GMail is a lot better than I initially thought. Both suit my needs nicely but for different reasons. Fastmail offers IMAP, so I can easily use my Treo 650 to get Push-Email using Chatteremail. GMail’s Labels, Archiving, and Conversations works great for work purposes. Both have great web interfaces, but, GMail’s small-device web interface is much better, so, on my Treo I use Chatteremail for my personal email but I can use GMail’s web interface to view my work email well. My biggest complaint with GMail is that while I can set the “Reply-To:” address to anything I would like, I cannot set the “From:” address. Also, as I have a ton of old messages already in Fastmail so I am not likely to migrate any time soon. Even if I wanted to migrate, the only tool I have found that could do it would partially loose the date on the message, which is a drag.

Finally, in my free time I have started playing with C# again. I tried some of the different GMail new email notification programs, but, wasn’t happy with any of them… I really like FastCheck, program that works with Fastmail and want something like that, so, after I discovered the GMail API I just started working on my own. It is going really well and the bulk of the functionality is finished, I just need to do a bit more work. Maybe in a few days I will post it for download somewhere.

Until next time…

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