Konfabulator, Weekend

I just found out that the nifty program Konfabulator is now free. Check it out, pretty spiffy. I mostly just use it because it has a cool looking weather widget, but, you also shouldn’t overlook the ForecastFox weather plugin for Firefox, which I just love.

On Saturday we spent the day at Six Flags Great America riding roller coasters, a lot of fun. On Sunday we came into the city, visited J&R (big electronics shop with a notable Internet presence) then saw The Aristocrats. J&R was a little disappointing. Yeah, it was big and they have nearly everything, I will probably be back, but, it is fractured into a big-ish store and a bunch of smaller stores. We had to keep going inside and outside, no consistency on how nice the stores were, what the temperature was, etc. Just kind of annoying. Finally, I wanted to buy something… so they give you the item and a hand written sales slip and have you go to the cashier, but, there were very few cashiers so the lines were really line. We wandered around and ended up on another floor and tried to pay for the item there… nope, you have to pay for the item in the area where you picked it up. Sheesh. I just gave them back the item and decided to buy elsewhere. Just too much hassle. I can’t believe in this day and age they want things to be so difficult. Their prices weren’t great, either. B&H Photo and Video totally has J&R beat.

The Aristocrats was hilarious, we laughed and laughed, but, it is not a movie for everyone. Many people wouldn’t make it 30 minutes into the movie, finding it totally offensive. If you have the right sense of humor you will just love it. It will likely get more of a cult following as it is only in NYC and LA right now, and in a few weeks it is slated only for limited release. DVD may be where it gets most of its viewings.

Finally, we stopped into a Whole Foods Market. What a great place. If you are from Albuquerque it is kind of like a Wild Oats on steroids. What a great selection of stuff. Previosuly I have visitied a Gourmet Garage, but, Whole Foods has much more. Neat place.

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  1. Hey! We’re not that backwards way out here in the ol’ southwest! There’s a Whole Foods on Wyoming and Academy (by Tomato Cafe and Hastings). There is even a Trader Joe’s coming!

    Whole Foods is pretty cool, especially if you’re looking for healthy type foods. Their selection of protein/carb/diet/organic/power bars is the best I’ve seen.

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