The Thing About My Folks

We saw a sneak preview of the new Paul Reiser movie tonight, The Thing About My Folks. It is written by and starring Paul, and, if you have read his stuff before you can really tell he wrote it… it really feels like his voice throughout the movie. It was a fun, heart-string tugging kind of film (middle age-ish man better getting to know his elderly father during a difficult period in the father’s life). We enjoyed the story overall, but, it occasionally (at least to me) felt somewhat unpolished and somewhat linear. Overall, if you look at the previews and say “that is my kind of movie,” you will probably enjoy it, but, you probably won’t miss much watching it on DVD versus the theater. If you see the preview and say “oh, gross,” then certainly skip it (this is a good rule of thumb, generally). If you are on the border, just rent it later. Not a “must see in the big screen blockbuster” but not bad, either.

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