Ratchet and Movies

We are having a pretty lazy weekend. We saw The 40 Year Old Virgin, which was really very good and Red-Eye which was also really very good. If you like suspense oriented movies you will like Red-Eye. If you like comedies and can handle a little nudity and two hours or so of jokes oriented toward sex and virginity, you will like Virgin, but, if nudity the topic of sex offends you, you should probably skip Virgin.

I bought a component video cable (by Mad Catz) for the PS2 last night at Best Buy for $10. The cable I got will connect the Xbox and PS2 via a single set of component cables and audio cables. So, I don’t have to switch anything around to play either Xbox or PS2, just turn one of them on. The down side is that it doesn’t support optical audio out, but, I am only using 3.1 audio right now, so, until I hook my surround speakers back up this really isn’t an issue. The AMAZING thing to me is that they also sell a PS2 component video cable at Best Buy by Psyclone (or some such) for $60. The $60 cable seemed different in that it was 12 feet long instead of 7 feet long and it supported only PS2 (not a second head for Xbox). These Psyclone cables must be some kind of Monster cable (in case you were wondering, it is my opinion that the Monster Cable thing is a complete scam). Completely not worth the money. Best Buy is probably raking it in because they put the Psyclone cables where you would expect the video cables to be and the Mad Catz cables “someplace else” (I think I found it by the Xbox stuff). Anyway, what a scam. I also had to ask an employee how much the Psyclone cable was because they didn’t have it marked on the shelf.

So, I now have the PS2 hooked up in the living room which is better than playing in the bedroom on the bed.

Ratchet and Clank is going great. I am easily 4/5ths done with it and it has been a lot of fun. My only complaint is that in some areas (notably later in the game) it is getting ridiculously hard. The actual game-play isn’t generally that hard, but, when you die they have a tendency to put you really far back instead of saving your progress at reasonable points. On the most recent level I was playing there were three objectives and if you didn’t complete the entire objective you would have to start completely from the beginning and the level is pretty big, so, that can become a drag. BUT, I finally passed it (thanks, Action Replay — I hate to resort to using the AR, but, when you have played the same area 15 times it gets old!).

Not sure what the rest of the afternoon will be, but, something interesting, I am sure.

Until next time.

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