Six Feet Under Now Six Feet Under

We have been watching HBO’s Six Feet Under since the first night it aired, never missed an episode. We just finished watching the final episode and it was a great wrap up to the series. I think they really did a good job this season solving issues (adding new ones) and wrapping it up in a satisfying way. If you haven’t watched the show before, the bulk of it is out now on DVD (and I am sure the rest soon to follow). It was a very well written, very well cast, very well acted show. It will be missed.

On a lighter note, we are finally finally getting caught up on Arrested Development (season two) which we have been also watching from the start. This is a hilarious show, one of our favorites. The writing is so solid and funny, especially if you have a sarcastic, dark sense of humor. I was pleased to hear season three starts on September 19th.

We have also been seeing previews for a new show Surface, which I have high hopes for. It also starts on September 19th.

And even sooner, the new season of Ultimate Fighter starts on August 22nd.

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