Ultimate Fighter

I finally got around to watching episode one of season two of The Ultimate Fighter. It is a more of what season one was, which was a lot of fun. I do have one big complaint… but, I don’t know who to direct it at. Should I be mad at SpikeTV or should I be mad at Comcast? I am using the Comcast HD-PVR, their version of TiVo. It usually works great, but, it decided to cut off like the last 5 minutes of the episode. ARGH. Maybe they ran long, maybe the Comcast HD-PVR has trouble with oddly-timed shows, who knows. I did manage to watch the end of it, but, how frustrating.

Our son is visiting from Albuquerque this weekend. We’ll probably take him to do touristy stuff, maybe Six Flags. I think they are going to the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island this afternoon. We’ll probably go to the Empire State Building for sunset this evening.

I ordered a clear case for my Slim PS2 that should be arriving in a day or two. It has a flip lid so it should make it easier to change discs… my biggest complaint with the Slim PS2 is that I am always having to grope for the eject button and the lid seems somewhat flimsy. Maybe I will like this better. Supposedly it is really easy to install the new case. I will let you know how I like it. Yeah, replacing the case will void the warranty, but, since I bought it used it doesn’t really have a warranty, anyway.

Until next time…

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