The Weekend

It was my wife’s birthday this last weekend and our son was visiting from Albuquerque, so, we had a walking-packed, touristy time. On Thursday they went to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. Afterward, we met, had dinner, and went to the top of the Empire State Building (to see the city at night — pretty spectacular).

On Friday we spent part of the day down at Pier 17 walking around, seeing the sites, etc. Friday night they went to a Yankees game while I went to see The Cave (we only had two tickets to the ball game). They really enjoyed the game. I enjoyed The Cave, the cave scuba diving was pretty notable — while I am sure they didn’t get it 100% correct they did a good job. The movie has been called Aliens: Cave Edition, which is relatively accurate.

On Saturday we went to Six Flags Great Adventure. We rode pretty much all of the roller coasters except Kingda Ka (the new coaster that has been shut down more than it has been running). At the end of the night we went to see if the Kingda Ka line was reasonable and found it only had about a 40 minute wait time. This was great news as it commonly has had 4 – 8 hour wait times. We got in line and about 25 minutes later, when we were actually seeing the end of the line, the ride broke. We waited about 30 more minutes hoping they would fix the problem, but, they just ended up shutting it down. Oh well.

On Sunday we came into the city, went to church, had a nice lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant, spent some time in Central Park, came back to New Jersey and had some dinner and spent the rest of the evening at The Back Porch.

Also notable, I finished listening to the audio book Next: The Future Just Happened by Michael Lewis. This was quite interesting. I started The Godfather by Mario Puzo, which I am enjoying. We also watched season one of Coupling, which has been a lot of fun — looking forward to season two.

It was a fun weekend.

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