Nathan Fillion of Firefly at Rockport in NYC

Originally uploaded by kdorff.

As you know, I am now working in New York City and have been trying to keep my eye open for celebs. Yesterday I ran into Nathan Fillion (from the TV show Firefly) at the Rockport shoe store in NYC at Columbus and 67th. I talked to him just briefly (didn’t want to take up a bunch of his time). Took this pic on the sly so he wouldn’t have to do that awkward pose with the gawky fan thing (the other guy in the picture is a Rockport sales guy, I think). Anyway, he was very nice, asked me my name, I told him I was a big fan of the show and really looking forward to the movie. I told him I hoped they brought the show back and he said he hoped so too, as he would like to be a house and work with Joss Whedon more. Anyway, seemed like a really nice guy. Very cool celeb spotting. Unfortunately I didn’t have a good camera with me, just my Treo 650, so quality is kinda mediocre.

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