Slow Weekend

Had a busy week at work, trying to get data migrated from an old version of our applications so it will work in a newer version… no small feat. I think it is coming along OK. Lots of work. Gotta love schema changes 🙂

I spent this weekend tweaking XBMC, setting up a second Xbox, etc. I am so amazingly happy with this application — this is the added functionality the Xbox should be included with. The Xbox 360 is close on the horizon and I have asked around at the local stores. The gaming stores will take pre-orders but will no longer guarantee you will get in on the first shipment. I think it is likely if you stop by Best Buy or the like the morning it is released you can get one, but, who knows. I haven’t pre-ordered because I am not 100% sure I really need one that weekend. It is possible those who don’t pre-order won’t have one by Christmas, but, I just doubt that. If Microsoft is smart they will be plentiful. It cuts their own throats to be sold out everywhere, in my opinion. The funny thing is the EB Games guy told me that if I wanted the stripped down “Core Version” I could probably get one on the day of release, but, I just don’t get the idea of the “Core Version”… who wants it without a hard drive, video cables, wireless controller, etc? The hard drive is on of the cool things about the Xbox. Oh well, we’ll see.

Been catching up on some movies. Saw Flightplan, which was really quite good. Also saw Oldboy (cool Korean film), Stealth (pretty mediocre, but, not horrible), and Survival Style 5+ (VERY bizarre).

On Friday I went to the San Gennaro street fair down in Little Italy (in NYC). Pretty much a huge street fair taking up lots of blockage down there. Games of questionable-chance, goods for sale (CDs, T-Shirts), lots of fried food. It was interesting and somewhat claustrophobic.

Until next time…

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