Uber Laziness

We had a uber-lazy weekend, although it was REALLY nice. We got caught up on a ton of TV shows: Lost, Prison Break, My Name is Earl, CSI, CSI:Miami, CSI:NY, Nip Tuck, Arrested Development, Cold Case, Firefly (again), probably others. If we hadn’t ventured out to see Serenity (which was really good, four thumbs up from us) we wouldn’t have left the apartment. If your aren’t watching Lost and Prison Break you should start (but start from the beginning, if possible). So nice to sleep in, be lazy. I have been battling a cold or something and am finally feeling like I am on the mend so lots of relaxation and fluids (and TV) were just what the doctor would have ordered, I am sure. The XBMC continues to be really great.

I don’t know if I have mentioned or not but we have been eating much better for the last three months. I am down just over 23 pounds, which is great. Been using a great piece of software to help track the progress and to help keep me on task. I hope to loose about another 23 by new years and I really think it is possible. I do walk more now that I work in NYC, but, almost all of my loss can be attributed to my vastly improved diet.

Until next time…

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